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3 Reusable Gift Wrap Options for the Budget Conscious

3 Reusable Gift Bag Options for the Budget Conscious

When you are on a budget and you may find the need to purchase a gift, gift card and a gift bag a bit beyond your budget. In those cases, having reusable gift bag options for the budget conscious gift giver can be a lifesaver. Reusable gift bags can be found in a variety of places, but the best and most budget conscious bags are usually right in your own home. If you are looking for reusable gift bag options that will fit your budget, here are three of the most popular options that you may have forgotten or looked over.

Shirts and Sweaters

Up cycling is one of the ways that many budget conscious gift givers and lifestylers will use to help stay within budgets and remain unique. A great way to upcycle a shirt or sweater is to make it into a reusable gift bag. It is unique and can make a great grocery tote for the recipient to use again and again. With hundreds of patterns available online, converting a shirt or sweater to a gift bag is easy. One of the most popular ideas is for wine bottle gifting. You can use a long sleeve dress shirt or button down long sleeve Oxford to create the perfect wine bottle bag. Just remove the sleeve from the shirt, size the sleeve to fit the bottle and stitch the bottom of the sleeve. Add a monogram cufflink to make the gift personalized.

Sweaters can be cut down, adjusted and recycled to become a reusable bag perfect for gift giving and for grocery shopping. By using just a few simple stitches and tricks, you can turn a sweater into a bag suitable for candle gifts, home décor items, pictures and more.

Denim Skirts and Jeans

Denim is a reliable and strong fabric that can be reused again and again for everything from gift giving to re-gifting to shopping. Denim skirts and jeans can be sewn and adjusted easily. In fact, in less than an hour you can create a budget friendly reusable gift bag to fit any gift. The best part is that these bags reuse a durable fabric that would normally be thrown away. You are helping the environment while staying within a budget and giving a memorable gift bag for an equally memorable gift.

Reusable Tote Bags

We all have reusable tote bags in the house. These bags are usually plain, from grocery stores or from gifts we have received over the years. We may have forgotten about them, put them in closets or put them in storage boxes or just tucked them away in a drawer. Why not take them out and use them for gift giving? Some of the bags can be reused as they are. With a simple run through the washing machine or a freshening up, the bag can be perfect for gift giving. Some bags may need a little more work to be suitable for gift giving.

If you have a plain reusable tote bag or grocery bag, then there are several options you can use to create a great reusable gift bag. One option is to screen print a design on the bag. Another option is to use printable designs or iron on designs to create a unique gift bag that fits the personality of the recipient and the theme of the gift. The possibilities are endless and can create the perfect memorable gift with a bag that can be reused time and again. The best part of this option is the ability to remain well within your budget while putting a smile on someone’s face.


Author Bio:

Marlene Greis loves to blog on different Do It Yourself gift wrapping, packaging and many more. Her Retail Packaging tips and ideas helps small business owners How to Improve Gift Shop Retail Sales.

  • http://www.growingslower.com Shannon @ GrowingSlower

    Oh I love your idea! I'm going to have to try that one!

  • http://www.growingslower.com Shannon @ GrowingSlower

    Great ideas! I always save worn out clothes thinking I'll do a sewing project with them one day. This would be the perfect thing to finally use them!

  • http://www.crunchyfarmbaby.com Leah at Crunchy Farm Baby

    Great tips. I always try to upcycle for gifting - I *hate* the gift bag waste!! Thrift store baskets are one of my go-tos.

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