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  • Hybridization and Seed Saving

    seed savingEach year at least one visitor to my garden asks me if I save my own seeds.  Unfortunately, the answer is typically no.  Though I believe seed saving is extremely important, and I have saved seed on farms I have managed, the small garden is actually a difficult place to apply basic seed saving principles.  I would like to outline a few of these challenges today in hopes of helping those interested in saving seeds overcome these barriers and to reiterate the remarkable risks associated with the growing lack of genetic diversity in seeds.

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  • Resilient Living

    ecological resilience and ecosystem functionSustain what?  This question was inherent in my earlier question about what paradise looks like for you.  What are we trying to preserve for future generations?  What are the essential qualities of a future worth living in?  Is that future a static end point or could we decide to change it when we get there?

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