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Fireflies Yoga for Kids - Get Moving 2013! #GetMoving2013

Yoga is a fantastic way to get kids moving!  Why Yoga? There are many wonderful benefits of yoga for children!

Here are a few important ones from Fireflies Yoga.com:

  • * Yoga builds kids’ confidence while developing concentration and focus
  • * Yoga helps children develop motor coordination, balance, and body awareness
  • * Yoga is a joyful, non-competitive way for kids to strengthen their bodies and minds
  • * Yoga develops children’s awareness of and respect for themselves, others, and the world around them
  • * Practicing yoga with your child is a unique, playful way to bond

Let me introduce you to Kira Wiley from Fireflies Yoga.  "Kira’s pure, sweet, and soothing voice resonates with kids."  Kira's CD, Dance for the Sun was my first introduction to teaching yoga to children.  I loved her music so much I play it as background music in my home even when we weren't doing Yoga (and even when my kids aren't around!)

I will now be first in line ay any new CD release! Her lasted album- Kings & Queens of the Forest is one of our family's favorites. "Produced by Zak Rizvi, Kings & Queens of the Forest keeps children captivated with its playful melodies and positive lyrics."

"Kids are the toughest crowd to please — if they’re not engaged, they simply walk away. But Kira understands her audience well. Her warm, authentic songs, with themes of nature and the simple joys of childhood, connect instantly with children."  I have to agree. My kids LOVE this CD.  It's a sure crowd pleaser during play dates & yoga classes alike.

"In the kindie music world, Kira Willey breaks through with her unique, two-in-one albums that blend upbeat, danceable music with get-up-and-move yoga inspiration."   One of the things I love about Kira's Cds is that the first 12-14 tracks are just the music, but the last 12-14 tracks have  step-by-step choreographed Yoga poses, & stretches to do with your kids to the same songs.  Once you've listened to the instructional portion of the CD a few times, and memorize the movement you can just play the first 12-14 tracks without the instructions & viola!  You're a professional. :)  Or at least you are in your children's eyes.

Some of the music is soft & soothing. Other songs are a bit more up-beat.  I use Kira's music for teaching Dance, Yoga, & Music & Movement to children. The CD comes with a booklet of yoga poses to do with each song.  Download the Booklet free HERE.

I can't say enough good things about Fireflies Yoga.  I hope you will give it a listen & bless your family with Kira's amazing talent. You can listen to, or buy Kira Wiley's Music HERE.

Come back Jan. 17th - 31st 2013 & enter to WIN your own Kings & Queens of the Forest CD!

About Kira Wiley:

Kira grew up in a musical family – her brother sings the bass vocal on the track “Let the Sun Shine In” – and her passion for music began when she started to play the violin at age five. Initially she composed “grown-up” tunes, but after teaching kids’ music and yoga classes in New York City, she realized children’s songs were her calling. This was confirmed when Kira had her first child, began singing to her, and saw first-hand the bonding power of music.

In 1996 Kira became certified to teach yoga to children and founded Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids. A year later, she released her first album, Dance for the Sun: Yoga Songs for Kids, which garnered many music-industry accolades, including the Independent Music Award for Best Children’s Album. In 2008, Dell featured her song “Colors” in a worldwide media campaign, which earned her fans around the globe.

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  • http://www.interiormoving.com/tips-for-proper-packing/ Rochester NY moving company

    Great post thanks for share...........

  • Sherry Compton

    These ideas and concepts are great! Yoga gets kids active and having fun. It's not competitive, and, for the most part, kids are flexible so many times they are better at the positions than their parents which they enjoy! :)

  • Tiffany

    This looks like a great idea for kids that have already been exposed to yoga! Thanks!

  • natalie nichols

    This looks like it would be so much fun!

  • http://www.thenursemommy.com Michelle Bowman

    absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that gets kids moving! Awesome! I could use this with some of my pediatric patients!

  • http://www.silentsprings.com Tamara Smith

    If for no other reason, get this cd for background music!! It's awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenlcrum Jennifer Billey Crum

    My boys LOVE Kira Wiley's music. There are a few songs that they want to hear again and again. We listened to this CD in the van yesterday on a long trip and I caught my 4 year old doing some of the movements in the back seat!

  • Shannon Stubbs

    I would love to have this for my kiddos. I use to do yoga with my day care kids after naptime.

  • http://www.ithoughtiknewmama.com/ Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama

    This looks very cool! I gave my two year old a parent/child yoga video for Christmas, and I can't wait to try it with him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/markalix.stamant Mark-Alix St Amant

    My son likes to exercise with me, so he might like this too.

  • Becky Zale

    I think my daughter would love this because she's actually pretty good at following the yoga on our wii fit! :)

  • Mandi Navarre Eschenbach

    This looks so awesome! I think my daughter would love this and it would be so beneficial for her too!

  • http://thefrugalgreenishmama.com Amanda

    I know my kids would love them! It is an awesome idea.

  • http://intoxicatedonlife.com Trisha

    This looks like a very cool activity! I will for sure be back to enter your giveaway. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  • http://www.springmountainliving.com Krystyna @ Spring Mountain Living

    I love to win this for my kids. Talk about something great for winter.

  • http://www.brittlebyscorner.com/ Brittney Minor

    I love this idea! I would love to win this to do with my kids!

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