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Join the Movement for Environmentally Friendly Transportation! GreenSkate #GetMoving2013

With Green House Gas emissions on the rise,  we'd like to give a virtual High 5 to any organization or individual doing their part to utilize eco-friendly transportation ideas.  With that in mind, we were excited to run into GreenSkate.org.  Green Skate is an organization promoting  longboarding as a effective form of environmentally friendly transportation and recreation.  Read up on how you can join the Green Skate Movement & enter to win a Longboard to help you #GetMoving2013!

Independent event organizers have been supporting the Greenskate cause since 2007!  Our mission is to promote longboarding as a effective form of environmentally friendly transportation and recreation. Greenskate was founded in Calgary Canada amongst a handful of friends. Since then we’ve watched it grow to over 63 cities in 5 continents. Now entering it’s sixth year, we are excited to watch the movements continued growth.

Whats new for 2013?

This year we are trying to grow the event even more! We will be trying to get more media attention, more organizers and more events than ever before. Traditionally GreenSkate takes place on earth day. This year we are adding a second date to allow organizers in colder climates an opportunity to host a successful event. In addition to Earth Day (April 19th – 28th) GreenSkate can also be held on (June 1st -8th).

How do I organize an event?

GreenSkate.org is a network to support independent organizers around the globe and showcase everyone’s events with video, pictures and articles. Hosting your own Greenskate is easy! You can go for a cruise, host a freeride at a local hill, or even a community project like cleaning up garbage.  GreenSkate is an open source event. Every organizer has complete freedom to make their event as small, large or elaborate as they want.  Events all over the world range from small groups of friends to hundreds of people taking over their cities streets!

If you would like to register an event please fill out our registration form and we will post your events details on GreenSkate.Org!

If you're read to WIN a Longboard, enter Now- Feb. 1st!

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